Refund Policy

All payments made are non-refundable due to their digital and irrevocable nature. I further understand I will be responsible for all penalties incurred by Viath, LLC. due to withdrawn or failed payments.

All payments will recur monthly until cancelled in writing with a valid signature five (5) business days from the next billing date, unless a specific end date in this document or superseding document is declared.

The recurring rate will not change, unless notified by Viath, LLC. at least 60 days prior to the date change, or unless additional services have been added.

All advertising and marketing tools (websites, social media management, etc) will cease to exist upon termination of this contract.

I understand that all chargeback attempts will be subject to a $40 charge, per-chargeback instance, to compensate for merchant and administrative fees automatically incurred by Viath, LLC. when chargebacks are filed. This is non-negotiable and you waive any and all rights to contest these charges in the event you place a chargeback for services provided on our website.

I understand Viath, LLC. will utilize a collection agency to retrieve lost funds after 60 days of non-payment.